Wednesday, 6 July 2011

na jane Q log

Fasly To Pyar Ki "Pehchan" Howa Krty Hen

Na Jany Q Log "Preshan" Howa Krty Hen,.

Ye Haqeqat Hy K Jahan Toot K Chaha Jaye,

Wahan Bichrny K "Imkan" Howa Krty Hain,

"Muhbt" B Tofan Utha Deti Hai Dil Main,

Phr Rasty Sunsan Howa Krty Hen,

Dil B To Ek Ghr Hai Jo Kbi Bsta Hai

Ujry To Phr Jesy Khali "Makan" Howa Krty Hen

Bhichry Kbi B Lout K Nhi Aaty

Bas Fqt "Yadon" K Kuch "Nishan" Howa Krty Hen...!

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