Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Muddat K Baad Dekha Use Badla Hua Tha Woh.

Muddat K Baad Dekha Use Badla Hua Tha Woh.

Najane Kiya Hadsa Hua Sehma Hua Tha Woh.

Mujhe Dekh Kar Usne Chehra To Chupa Lyia Mgr.

Ankhein Bata Rahi Thi K ROOYA Hua Tha Woh.

Uski Aankhon Mein Dekh Kar MEHSOOS Hua Mujhe.

Meri Tarah Kisi Sooch Mein DOOBA Hua Tha Woh.

Uski Sone Jaisi RANGAT Zarad Parh Gayi Thi.

Jaise Kissi K Pyaar Mein Jala Hua Tha Woh.

Qurbaan Jaon Uss Shakhs Par Main Mohsin.

Yaad Me Jis Ki Khoya Hua Tha Woh.

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