Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bht frsooda lgty hain mjy ab yr k qissy,

Bht frsooda lgty hain mjy ab yr k qissy,
Gul-o-gulzar ki baten lab-o-rukhsar k qissy.

Yahan sb k muqdar m fqt zakhm-e-judai h,
Sbi jhooty fsany hain wisal-e-yar k qissy.

Bhala ishq-o-mhbt sy ksi ka pet bharta hy?
Suno tumko sunata hun m karobar k qissy!

Mry ahbab kehty hain yhi 1 ayb hy mujh m,
Sar-e-dewar likhta hun pas-e-dewaar k qisy!

Main aksr is liye logon se ja kr khud nhi milta,
Wohi be-kaar ki baten, wohi be-kaar k qissy,
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